Frequently Asked Questions

If you read this page and still have questions, contact our team and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have!

As a new long-haul airline, we plan to offer flights between a range of points in the United States and select cities in East Asia through Anchorage, Alaska. The airline plans to serve cities in the states of New York, Florida, California, and Nevada, with direct flights to cities in Japan and Korea through Anchorage over the Northern route. We are currently flying between California and Reno and Nashville. Our Alaska regional airline, Ravn Alaska, connects communities in Alaska where transportation is sparse but the land is vast.

Recommended check in time is 90 minutes prior to departure. Flights are closed 40 minutes prior to departure.

UMNR 5-12 years old are accepted for air transportation aboard New Pacific Airlines. Connections permitted.

  • $50 service charge for non-connecting flight (i.e. point to point)
  • $75 service charge for connecting flights (maximum 3 flight segments)

Yes, please submit a written request including 501(c)(3) information to Please allow at least six (6) weeks before the event to allow for processing.

Please see our complete baggage policy at our bags page.

Beginning May 7, 2025, you will need a state issued REAL ID compliant license or identification card, or another acceptable form of ID to fly within the United States. Visit TSA's REAL ID site for more information.

Flycoin is rewarded as our frequent flyer program. Passengers earn Flycoin on every flight.

Yes! Contact for more info, or check out our charters page for more details or to submit a quote request online.

Space is limited and subject to availability. Reservations are required. There is a weight limit of 20 lbs for pets in cabin. Call Customer Service (800) 866-8394 in order to reserve your fur-families space.

All eligible tickets can be refunded online. Please refer to our contract of carriage for questions regarding eligibility or e-mail

E-mail with one of the following: Ticket number, confirmation code, full name of passenger including date of travel. Additional information may be requested upon submission.

Following changes to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) rules on the topic, New Pacific Airlines has adopted a new policy on the transport of service animals.

We will no longer be accepting emotional support animals and will only be accepting dogs as service animals. Anyone traveling with a Service Animal must notify us at least 48 hours before their flight (or when they book their ticket if less than 48 hours).

They must also fill out a “U.S. Department of Transportation Service Animal Air Transportation Form” and provide it when checking in.