Charter 757

When you charter a flight from us, the entire aircraft is yours, and you determine when and where you want to travel. Our charter flights offer the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. Working with our charter team, you can customize the onboard experience including in-flight meals, drinks, entertainment, onboard experience and more.

Whether it's corporate travel, game day, or guaranteed group travel in a private aircraft, we are the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Fly anywhere in North America!

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  • Aircraft cruise speed: 528 mph.
  • Range: 4488 miles
  • Runway Length: 8000 ft.
  • Fully Refurbished: 2023
  • Total Seats: 181

  • First Class: 16 39" Pitch
  • Economy Preferred: 36 35" Pitch
  • Economy: 129 31-32" Pitch (Depending on seat location)

Our fleet of 757s offers superior range with the ability to fly up to 6.5 hours non-stop. With 181 seats on each aircraft, nobody gets left behind. Our cargo capacity is perfect for sports teams, school groups, or organizations that need to travel with lots of gear.

  • Pricing Model:

    Starting Price: $14,000/hr
  • Catering Available: $5,000/leg
  • We calculate charges based on actual flight time plus an additional 30 minutes per leg, rounded up to the nearest half-hour. Our pricing requires 1 hour minimum, and doesn't include relocating the plane from Ontario, CA (ONT) when necessary, but we offer a 15% discount on those legs. For standby hours, we charge half the hourly rate. For crew and plane waiting time of an entire day, the cost is $6,000.

    If you are looking for something smaller, visit our sister company, Ravn Alaska, and learn more about their charter services.

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