About Us

New Pacific Airlines was born out of our passion for exploration and our desire to create seamless travel experiences. We are committed to providing you with stress-free travel, allowing you to focus on the journey itself, rather than the hassles that often come with it.

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Our Story
Humble Beginnings
Where We Started

As owners of Ravn Alaska, a small regional Alaskan airline with a fleet of prop Dash-8 planes. Our desire to expand our operations to enhance the experience for those traveling from East to West, we saw an opportunity to offer travelers a chance to discover Alaska during their journey to the lower 48.

One Step At A Time
Where We Are

With our roots established in Anchorage and throughout Alaska, we embarked on a journey to bring this vision to life. Despite encountering some unexpected challenges, we have redirected our efforts to prioritize domestic routes. Presently, we are delighted to offer routes from our base in Ontario, California, to exciting destinations like Reno and Nashville. Find further details on these fantastic travel options.

Clear Skies Ahead
Where We Are Headed

By starting with these popular domestic routes, we can fine-tune our operations, perfect our in-flight amenities, and ensure that every aspect of your journey exceeds expectations before we venture internationally. While our ambitions to connect Asia and North America remains our end goal, we seek to expand throughout North America in the meantime.

Our Unique Fleet

Great Planes Make Great Experiences

Our fast and efficient fleet of 757s is renowned for their reliability. It’s why we choose and trust this advanced plane as our means to take you places with smart, seamless speed.

Our Dedicated Leadership
Meet The Executive Team

With the guidance of our dedicated leadership team, we're charting new skies and redefining the way you experience air travel.

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Frequent Flyer Program

From the moment you step on board our sleek and luxurious 757 aircraft, you'll be treated like a VIP. Earn Flycoin everytime you fly.

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Experience the luxury and convenience of our 757, with 181 seats at your disposal, ready to take you anywhere in North America.

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